How To Ensure You Buy Only What Is On Your Shopping List

I’m sure most of you, if not all, will go into a supermarket for a couple of necessities and come out with bags of shopping you never intended, and probably didn’t need to buy. How much of you food you pick up is healthy? So how can we avoid this?

Tick Off the Items As You Go

I find this is a great way to ensure you pick up all the items on the list but can also prevent you from impulse buying. Simply accept that if it’s not on the list, it’s not going in your basket. Treat it like you were buying food for someone else, you wouldn’t throw in extra items they didn’t want to pay for.

Never Go Shopping When You Are Hungry

When you are hungry, your self control will suffer. You will select something convenient and tasty which in most cases will be crammed full of processed foods and be high in calories.

Preparation is the best remedy for supermarket hunger, if you can eat beforehand, or have a piece of fruit to stave off the hunger until you have completed your shopping trip you will be much happier when you next jump on the scales.

Order Your Shopping Online

Product placement is a major problem in Supermarkets when you want to get in and out without picking up too many unnecessary or unhealthy items. How often do you find you have to walk by a plethora of foods you want to avoid before finding the foodstuffs you have in your list.

Impulse buying can slow your weight loss.

By doing your grocery shopping online, you can remove the temptation by using the search function to add your shopping list items to your virtual basket. As you’re not strolling up and down aisles looking for a particular thing, you won’t pass by the foods you wish to avoid. Think of the items that are closest to the cash registers, healthy or not?

Many online stores allow you to save shopping lists or keep a list of your favourite items, after you have ordered your healthy shopping a few times, you will have a favourites list crammed with healthy, weight loss promoting foods which you can quickly select from to suit your needs.

By shopping efficiently and effectively, you can arm yourself with the ingredients to boost your weight loss and feel satisfied at meal times.

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